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Aug 4, 2021

This week Sally Penni MBE is Talking Law with Max Hardy.

Max is a barrister practicing from 9 Bedford Row. Called in 2004, Max has worked on everything from murder trials at the Old Bailey to speeding cases at Romford Magistrates' Court!  

Max reveals his motivation for joining the Bar Council and The Kalisher Trust, which works to inspire advocacy and help people from diverse backgrounds to join the bar.  He also talks about the time he participated in the prosecution of Goldilocks, to as a means of teaching legal concepts in primary schools.

Max also shares some fantastic advice for anyone wanting to join the bar – to really utilise social media to immerse yourself in the profession and develop your contacts.

Presented by Sally Penni MBE, barrister at law at Kenworthy’s Chambers Manchester and founder and chair of Women in the Law UK. Follow Sally on Twitter @SallyPenni1 

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